Wrapping up 2017

Goodbye, 2017!

Wrapping up 2017
Source image via Kristopher Roller @ unsplash.com

Another year has come to its end. Another hard year filled with fighting with my disease, recording music, writing, drawing, learning Japanese language and learning new stuff on a daily basis. This one was a little bit harder than previous, but I’m alive, I have my arms and legs – no need to complain. 2017 was full of various exciting things! I visited Estonia twice, then my favourite Helsinki in Finland: travelled here and there with friends and many more.

Wrapping up 2017


In 2017 I continued my drawing classes but abandoned them in April. I’ve seen no progress at all. Instead of this, I gained a crazy amount of hostility regarding copying pictures. That’s why I quit my classes and even didn’t finished my graduating work. I’m planning to start to learn how to draw again in 2018 with various internet tutorials. It was a little sad to abandon my practice, but I had nothing to do with this. I had to leave because amounts of anxiety were almost unbearable.

I’m still learning Japanese language and see no reason why should I stop doing that. I’m happy at my school with my classmates and teachers. I think that the idea of an attending Momiji School was the best idea in all 2015.

I learn how to sing and how to record my vocal songs alone and with my teacher. We’ve made the significant progress during this year and recorded a couple of songs.

In 2017 I composed a lot of arrangements but recorded not that much I wanted to record. Instead of this, I filmed various videos with cover songs which I refused to shoot earlier.


Everything is still bad. I know how to live with my illness and how to pretend that I’m super okay even if this is not true. It helps from time to time.

The Boreal Post and The Black Sessions

In the dying lights of November, I came to the hard decision and closed The Black Sessions. I merely need to go forward with new ideas and wishes. The Black Sessions held me back. You can read about these things here.

Also, I’ve found that it’s easier to express my thoughts and emotions in English. It seems that I’ve completely forgotten how to blog in Russian. Maybe it’s for the best, who knows. I have a lot of things to say to you, but I will keep them for an upcoming year. Oh well, oh well, I still hope for the best.