New Year Holiday Week

Project 365 of 2018: Days 1–7

New Year Holiday Week
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The new year has begun, and I’m starting this utterly new series of the “Project 365” posts dedicated to my personal life on day by day basis. I’m not planning to post daily. Instead of this, I will post one project-related post per eight days describing past week. Last year I tried to post daily actions in these posts but failed, because sometimes I did nothing, and it was hard to write something about nothing. So, this year I will post overall week progression posts in my “Project 365” series.

New Year Holiday Week. Project 365 of 2018: Days 1–7

This first week of the new year was filled with various The Black Sessions project-related things. I recorded songs, composed new arrangements and filmed videos. You can read about my progress here. New Year Holiday Week ended, and I will go to work tomorrow. I have nothing to regret about in this voluntary confinement: I sat home, recorded stuff and took short breaks from the recording by walking on the street and meeting with my friends. They are kind persons even they can’t keep their promises from time to time.

Les Misérables
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During my breaks, I read Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. It’s been a long time since I started to read this epic novel, and now I’m somewhere at the beginning of the third book. I think I’ll be able to finish it ’til the end of January, but I’m not sure. I have a lot of new books which I want to read badly, and I also wish to finish Les Misérables which is boring sometimes. I’ve already put so much effort into this book, that I refuse to abandon reading!

Traditional Russian winter is probably lost somewhere on the road to our cold and sunless city. We don’t have snow, and it’s quite warm for that season. I’ve read in the newspaper that even mushrooms have appeared somewhere in forests! It’s an entirely unbelievable fact which I don’t want to investigate as I have so many things to do! It’s been a long since I was engaged in that many hobbies and I can’t complain.