A Little Bit More About At Least Listen vol.2

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A Little Bit More About At Least Listen vol.2
Source image via Ian Espinosa @ unsplash.com

Hello everyone! I’m still ill and as I said before don’t have enough time to post here frequently. I spent ten days visiting a hospital and receiving my medical treatment, but I still don’t feel myself well enough. I’m afraid how not to get involved in another loop of various treatment procedures in upcoming days! What am I do now? I’m sitting at home, suffering from several types of pain and trying to figure out what instruments I want to use in my upcoming At Least Listen vol.2 release.

A Little Bit More About At Least Listen vol.2

In the end, I decided to record 17 different tracks (to be honest — 16, because one is already published) of various bands and genres. As I said earlier, I divided them into subgenres and tried to diversify instruments I’m planning to use.

Some of the tracks are metal, some are folk, and some are the instrumental songs. The metal songs are taken from bands such as 12 Stones, Trivium, Asking Alexandria, Satyricon, In Flames, Black Veil Brides and My Dying Bride. More “soft” tracks are from Staind, LIGHTS, First Aid Kit, Ed Sheeran and Fleet Foxes. And the instrumental compositions (arranged by me) are from Slade, Panic! at the Disco, First Aid Kit and The Beatles. This post is the final note about At Least Listen vol.2: I’m not planning to change songs anymore.

Also, the New Year Eve is coming, and I have to prepare another “this year’s resolution” post where I usually look through my “to-do” list and facepalm on everything I didn’t manage to complete. The New Year’s Mood is somewhere far away. I still don’t buy all the presents I wanted to buy, and I have no idea what to do on this magic night. I’ll probably stay at home and try to rest because I can’t sleep due to my pain in the stomach.