“Death Of A Bachelor” Fingerstyle Ukulele Cover

At Least Listen vol.2 First Song Released

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Hello guys! It’s been a minute again. During past five days, I celebrated New Year Eve and spent the crazy amount of time recording new songs for my upcoming LP with various covers which I announced earlier. At this particular moment, I have five songs wholly done and two songs more awaiting for vocals recording. My current deadline is 9th of January: I need to master seven songs to this date!

“Death Of A Bachelor” by Panic! at the Disco (Fingerstyle Ukulele Cover)

Also, I filmed three videos and published one yesterday. I’m not getting that much views often, but this newly released song was warmly welcomed by my subscribers, and I’m pleased about it! Here it is.

“Death Of A Bachelor” by Panic! at the Disco is one of my favourite works of this band and extremely talented Brendon Urie. To be honest, I’m not that big fan of Panic! at the Disco, but surely “Death Of A Bachelor” is a great song! I composed an arrangement for my ukulele in late 2017 and recorded it at 2nd of January: this is quite a hard arrangement with various guitar tricks which are not suitable well for a ukulele, so I probably will not use them in future.

The four-octave leggero tenor of Brendon Urie is also a problem for the musical range of ukuleles. What is easily accessible with guitars is a pain in the ass with ukuleles, so I had to use artificial harmonics for several extremely high notes. It is an advanced guitar technique which turned to be surprisingly good for ukulele too.

I was hugely disappointed by the quality of electrical parts of my semi-acoustic ukulele last time I recorded “Moon River” arrangement, so this time I decided to try traditional instrument-to-microphone way to record music. It sounds better than line-in recording, so I’ll stick to this method in the future.

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