At Least Listen vol.2 Three New Tracks Released

The Beatles, Slade, First Aid Kit

At Least Listen vol.2 Three New Tracks Released
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Album recording goes on. During past days I’ve filmed three more videos and uploaded them to my YouTube channel. Now I have six tracks completed and two more almost finished: only vocals are left. Also, one song is in the process of recording, but I haven’t worked on it for a while.

At Least Listen vol.2 Three New Tracks Released

“Death Of A Bachelor” wasn’t entirely successful, on my channel, so I uploaded other arrangements in few days. The first is called “Wolf” by First Aid Kit. I’ll probably write soon about this band on The Boreal Post as it’s incredibly adorable! I was happy to work on this arrangement and plan to compose more songs by First Aid Kit soon. “Wolf” is the first tab which requires almost no skill in fingerstyle guitar playing as it is based on standard chords with small variations. It is possible to play this song without percussion at all, which has an easy pattern too.

The second arrangement came from my past. When I was small, I used to listen to “Far Far Away” by Slade with my younger brother as we sat in our country house during eternal rainy summer days playing games and solving puzzles. This song just naturally came out from my memory, and I wasn’t able to resist overpowering necessity to record this tune. “Far Far Away” is easy too: this song is based only on four chords. I guess I finally moved from hard arrangements to simpler ones.

And the last song which I uploaded today is “Something” by The Beatles. “Something” is a tough ukulele arrangement! Even it has its predictable rhythm and beats; chords choice wasn’t wise enough. I still not that much familiar with this funny instrument.

Hope you enjoy my songs! Don’t forget to check their pages on the YouTube for additional information.