Writing a Review: Criteria Choice

Write Your Perfect Review

Source image via Karim Ghantous @ unsplash.com

Before I start to write various articles, I want to draw attention to one specific aspect of writing which is very important. This topic is the criteria chosen for a good review. I spent quite a lot time trying to determine the best possible measures for reviewing music, books, movies games and so on. As I developed my own set of criteria, I decided to share it with you.

What Is a Good Review?

Well, this question is entirely personal. One might say, a good review is an article which tells you whether the product is good or bad, worth trying or not. Another person will stick with an opinion that a good review never tells you spoilers and stripped of all the personal touch. In my opinion, a good review must have a high impact on a reader with the stable rating system and right criteria, but not to force them to love or hate a product. The main reason people read reviews is that they want to know worth this product money and time or not. A proper criteria choice is the crucial part of this kind of articles.

The Rating System

The rating system is essential for giving the reader a proper understanding of a product. I used a 5-star system for a long time, but later I changed my opinion and started to use the point system. I measure every single term in my criteria using numbers from 1 to 10. It’s hard to tell what’s the difference between “cover art” set to 5 and 6. But this system lets me diversify my ratings better although it is a little bit emotional-based.

Criteria Choice

For my reviews, I prefer to use 10-point system containing five positions.

Regarding books I use:

  1. Cover Art (Never judge a book by its cover!)
  2. Originality (Stands this book out or not?)
  3. Writing (This is a little bit complicated: try to answer questions like “was it hard to read and understand?”, “how was it translated?”, “was a word choice good enough?”, “do I like author’s style?”, etc.)
  4. Plot (How complex characters are? Is it boring reading? How can you describe characters relationships? What’s about ending?)
  5. Longevity (Will you reread it someday?)

For more detailed explanations you may read this article as well.

Music criteria are far more straightforward:

  1. Cover Art
  2. Originality
  3. Music (Instrumental parts, lyrics, voice, etc.)
  4. Production (Overall quality of an album)
  5. Longevity

These lists are what I’m referring to while writing my reviews. You can develop your own reviews criteria as well. I hope that you’ll find my examples helpful for your researches!