The Boreal Post Begins. Hello, Boreal World!

Update #1: Getting Started

The Boreal Post
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Hello, friends! It was hard to make this decision and close my long-time loved The Black Sessions website forever. I started to post on WordPress somewhere in 2010’s under a slightly different name. It was the traditional whiny-blog with occasional book reviews. As time went by I bought domain and completely turned my blog into book reviews website. I read a lot and thus posted a lot. In these years I was highly concerned about the number of posts, not their quality. Reading was fun: while reading everything I could put my hands on, I wrote low-quality reviews and almost not posted anything about my life, hopes and fears. I completely disappeared behind the wall of book reviews! Early Spring’15 has changed a lot in my head.

The Boreal Post Begins

I started to post less since then but returned to life-posting and engaged myself in various new hobbies which were highlighted on my blog as well. With the passing of time, my life goals have changed, and I reimagined in my mind the way I want to see my website. I set The Black Sessions project in 2012 as my own home music recording studio. Even now I use this name and create my music on The Black Sessions label. I understood suddenly that that name doesn’t suit me well regarding using it as a name for the “blog about everything”. Also, three days ago I received a notification about expiring of The Black Sessions domain and considered this event as a life sign I mustn’t miss. In one day of hard work, I thought everything out and decided to found something entirely new.

I decided to create an independent online magazine dedicated to my book and music reviews and heavily influenced by my endless love to the North and Scandinavia countries. Several years ago I wrote some paid articles about Scandinavia countries. I always wanted to repeat that experience. Now I think it’s a good time to realise my dream on this new platform. I called this magazine The Boreal Post.

A Blast from the Past

During the last year, my blogging activity ended up to be a one or two posts per week under the label of the “Project 365”: I briefly described my life events and occasionally posted stuff about my hobbies. The late The Black Sessions website already was a magazine, but it turned out to be very hard to adapt all 500+ posts to the new format. And I surrendered. I refuse to re-publish all my stuff and waste crazy amounts of time editing posts I don’t like anymore: wrong writings, useless ideas, stupid thoughts. So I started it all from scratch. Hello, new everything!

What to Expect?

A few words about how it’s going to be here soon. The central part of The Boreal Post is my articles and various reviews: I will post about Scandinavia, Northern culture, books, music and different North-related topics excluding politics.

Another, not primary, part of this magazine will be dedicated to “my life” blog entries. I decided to get rid of excessive categories and limit myself with only three of them: my adventures here and there, project 365 posts (I’ll start to post regularly on January’18) and the individual category for random posts (just like that one).

I will dedicate the last but not least part of the project to my music and videos. I decided to keep its original name: The Black Sessions. During the coming weeks, I will set everything to work correctly and start to post daily (at least one post per two days).

I’m very excited about future changes and hope you’ll share these feelings too.