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Winds and Windows and Other Stuff

The Black Sessions
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I haven’t posted a lot about my musical activity on The Black Sessions project website. A lot has changed since then. And when I decided to found The Boreal Post, I thought that it could be a good idea to keep you updated with songs and musical projects I’m currently working on.

The Black Sessions

As some of you may know, I have several musical projects I’m involved in: all of them are one-man bands, but divided by genres. Also, I record albums of covers every year. I used to post one big “covers” album per year until 2015: it was a traditional New Year’s Eve released record with 10 to 12 tracks uploaded every 31 of December. Then I decided to create smaller compilations but upload them more often. I maintained my main series called The Promised Songs from 2012 until 2016. In this year I created my latest compilation containing my acoustic fingerstyle arrangements. The gestalt closes. I started with other’s tabs and recorded them with lousy quality — I ended with own tablatures and quite a good guitar sound. There was nothing more to gain, nothing to achieve in this direction. I closed this series and started two new. One called At Least Listen contains kinda various songs performed with different instruments, with vocals and so on. I decided not to restrict myself to only acoustic fingerstyle guitar songs but record and play all the various possible ways I can. The other series is a unique series which dedicated to a specific band or a singer: I recorded Akira Yamaoka and Silent Hill songs in that way.

Aomori and More

Also, I have a metal project called Aomori. Aomori is the prefecture in Japan famous for its delicious apples. Under this name, I play various doom-, depressive-, gothic-, black- and other kinds of heavy music. I recorded three EP’s since 2013 and now working on my debut album called Winds and Windows to be released somewhere in 2018. I’m working on it for 2,5 years and still can’t manage to finish it! Things are so slow and laborious when you are working alone!

Another my project yet still unnamed and dedicated to traditional Scandinavian folk, is somewhere at the stage of re-thinking.

Current Affairs

Projects of The Black Sessions I’m working currently on are somewhat diverse. While trying to record missing guitar parts for my Aomori, I’m composing and recording second part of my At Least Listen series and collecting materials for Katatonia dedicated record. I’m planning to upload At Least Listen later this year if I have enough time to finish it. I suppose it will contain 6 or 7 songs of various genres, maybe even more. Keep in touch to stay updated!