At Least Listen vol.2 Tracks Info and Other News

Good and Bad News

At Least Listen vol.2
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Hello, guys! It’s me again and my ramblings about everything. I have news regarding The Black Sessions new articles and my current affairs. I thought out my upcoming covers album At Least Listen vol.2 and picked up 16 songs I want to include in it. I know it possibly sounds like “too much”, but I got tired of two or three songs releases which do not bring me any satisfaction at all. I want to create big albums with the variety of songs of different styles and genres so my listeners will be able to find something that suits them best assuming that I share my covers albums for free. So At Least Listen vol.2 will be that big though I’m still a little bit undecided about one or two songs as it’s a pain in the ass to cover them.

At Least Listen vol.2

I decided to divide my songs into four blocks representing various musical styles: four songs for fingerstyle arrangements (guitar and ukulele as well), same number for “soft” vocal covers, then for “heavy” covers and last four songs for experimental covers. I’m planning to use a wide variety of instruments, almost everything I have, to make arrangements vary. Also, I want to try to use different instruments combinations such as harmonica and ukulele.

What to expect regarding bands I’m planning to cover? Well… Panic! at the Disco, The Beatles, First Aid Kit, 12 Stones, Asking Alexandria, Staind, LIGHTS and more.


And now some bad news. As many of my readers already know, I’m suffering from the chronic invisible illness which makes my life a little bit harder every day. I’ll probably touch this topic someday, not now. It’s essential that tomorrow I’ll be heading to the hospital and start my therapy. I’ll likely return home every night, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to post a lot of articles here. Time will reveal.