Books About North

5 Good Books to Read: Books About North

I wrote a Russian language version of this "Books About North" article quite a long time ago, but then it was lost due to...

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Vandal Love by Deni E. Béchard

Vandal Love
Being very sceptical when it comes to opening new authors, people sometimes prefer to read old and...

Smilla’s Sense of Snow by Peter Høeg

Smilla's Sense of Snow
The crime mystery novel Smilla's Sense of Snow (also known as Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow) by...

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At Least Listen vol.2

At Least Listen vol.2 Tracks Info and Other News

Hello, guys! It's me again and my ramblings about everything. I have news regarding The Black Sessions new articles and my current affairs. I thought out my upcoming covers album At Least Listen vol.2...
The Black Sessions

The Black Sessions Musical Projects

I haven't posted a lot about my musical activity on The Black Sessions project website. A lot has changed since then. And when I decided to found The Boreal Post, I thought that it...
The Boreal Post

The Boreal Post Begins. Hello, Boreal World!

Hello, friends! It was hard to make this decision and close my long-time loved The Black Sessions website forever. I started to post on WordPress somewhere in 2010's under a slightly different name. It...

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